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12th December 2018

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Counselling & Psychotherapy in Aberdeen

Counselling & Psychotherapy Could Help You

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Do you feel stuck?

Do you experience that the same triggers trip you up time and time again?

Do you think, "I have a lot and I should be happy but......."

To me, counselling and coching is like removing the twig that is damning the river, allowing it to flow freely and gather its own natural momentum.

Can you imagine talking in a way that moves you in a direction that enhances your choicefulness and honours your being?

By talking to someone outside your circle of family and friends, counselling can help to unstick you and empower you to access your own natural speed and direction.

Counselling Coaching & Psychotherapy can move you towards non-judgmentally and softly understanding and developing yourself in a way that you like and value.

Counselling could help you when you are clear what your issue is, for example anger management, assertiveness development, relationship difficulties, a recent event or crisis.

Psychotherapy could help you if you are less clear what your issue is, but have an underlying feeling that something is interrupting your potential satisfaction in your way of being and / or in your relationships.

Coaching could help you when you don't know what to do and need some insight and strategies to enhance areas of your life.

Issues commonly brought by clients to Counselling & Psychotherapy

I have experience of working with a wide range of issues including:

  • relationship problems at work and at home
  • personal growth
  • assertiveness
  • low self esteeem
  • loss and change
  • feeling down
  • trauma and abuse
  • anxiety, stress
  • life events
  • anger management
  • confidence
  • addictions
  • phobias

    Think I may be of help?

    Mobile: 0771 266 7925

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